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What To Expect On SimCity BuildIt Hack

What To Expect On SimCity BuildIt Hack


So lucky for us that we will get some clue on what SimCity BuildIt would be from the interview of Jason Willig, vice president and group general manager for Electronic Arts Mobile. Aside from the fact that we are able to download SimCity BuildIt for free, now we can learn more hints on what we will experience from playing this new upcoming app from SimCity franchise.


So the first question from Pocket Gamer, they ask the VP on what does this new game offers over other simulation games on mobile. According to Jason Willig, their game has lots to offers aside from the typical SimCity features, now players can enjoy the cutting edge graphics with real-time 3D visuals technology that is rare for a limited features of mobile platform compare to PC and other game consoles. And even with complicated stuffs, players can easily play this game and that is what mobile gaming all about. It has a balance from open-ended and directed gameplay that will let players to enjoy both features of the game from building their best city and managing it for good progress.


In addition from the general manager of EA, he said that BuildIt is not a short version of the PC game but an native mobile design that specifically for mobile. Meaning to say, there is something you can enjoy in this game that you are not able to find from PC version. Technically it has an iconic elements but repackaged for a new platforms.